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Fleet Admiral - Singularity [PnP] [TTS] 2-6 players
This is a print-and-play that also needs a couple of sleeves of disposable little souffle sauce cups and a small box of paperclips.

     What if they had better sensors in the singularity (reduced hidden info version of The Singularity Trap) - could the game be done in cardboard again? What about all that paperwork? How can it be eliminated?
     With thanks to those little sauce cups which can stack and eliminated the tracking paperwork we actually did it - I am still reeling from the shock myself.

Fleet Admiral - Singularity


PnP pages
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]
Tabletop Simulator playtest prototype added 08 Sept 2018
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

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