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Corrupt Trumps (3-5 players) - rules - use standard 52 card deck

Corrupt Trumps (the card game)


For 3-5 players (ideal with 4 players in two teams)
A bidding and trick taking game. Deal passes clockwise each hand.


Standard deck of 52 cards
- all cards are dealt evenly among the players
-- 3 player game does not use the 2 of spades (51 cards total)
--- 5 player game also does not use the 2 of hearts (50 cards total)


Players bid number of tricks they (or their team) can take and the trump suit.
- begin at dealer's left and go clockwise with each player bidding or passing
-- NO TRUMP exceeds a bid of any suit with the same number of tricks,
   but otherwise a bid must be for more tricks than the previous bid.
--- Bidding continues until all but one player have passed.
    Once passed, a player may not rejoin bidding for that hand.
If all other players pass without bidding, the dealer must bid and cannot also pass.


Play begins with the winning bidder playing a lead card for the first trick.
Subsequent tricks are lead by the taker of the previous trick.
In a trick you must play the lead suit if possible.
Highest card in lead suit (or trump suit) takes the trick.


Player/team with winning bid scores 2 points for each trick taken up to the bid number
- minus 2 points for any missed tricks (if less than bid number are taken)
- minus 1 point for each trick taken that exceeds the bid number.

(bid 4 take 3 = 6-2 = 4 points,
  bid 4 take 5 = 8-1 = 7 points)

Other players/team score 1 point per trick they take.

All players lose points due to corruption from any trump suit cards in the tricks they have taken:
- King of trump suit is -3 points
- Ace & Queen & Jack are each -2 points
- the other trump suit cards are -1 point each


Winner is highest score at game end.

A standard (default settings) game ends when someone reaches +21 or -21 points or after a maximum of 10 hands.
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Corrupt Trumps is on TTS at
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