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Alchelemental (2 players) [PnP][Vassal][TTS]
Alchelemental is a geometry based game where the colors on the board and the colors of the sides of the pieces affect movement and combat capability. Rotate, mirror, and 1 space movement use 1 action point each.

A 2 player abstract perfect information game in the heavy games category with an alchemy/elementals theme and 2 different board options.

Rules: 5 pages

links for PnP printouts, Vassal module, and TTS workshop are located in those sections - read the rules first

[Image: vas-Duelling%20Pit.jpg]   [Image: vas-Battleground.jpg]

[Image: darkunits.png]   [Image: lightunits.png]

Optional: alchelemental_syllabus.pdf (Themed Unit List Syllabus Initia Elemental) 7 pages
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

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