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Mind Game (2 player) [PnP][Vassal][TTS]
Mind Game  is actually a field goal type of game (get across the field and enter the end zone) instead of a wargame. Generate engram points to purchase concept tiles which are deployed, moved, and may stack as you advance them across the mindscape field to enter and shut down the enemy mind segments while your opponent does the same and you battle to eliminate or shift them.

                             Rules mindgame_rules.pdf 7 pages (2 pages shown below)

links for PnP printouts, Vassal module, and TTS workshop are located in those sections - read the rules first

[Image: page1.png][Image: concepts.png]
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]
What inspired this game?
[Image: WoWRules3rd.jpeg?resize=804%2C1024][Image: WoWBoard3rd.jpeg]

and the Psicorp training scene from the fifth season of Babylon 5 :  The Corps is Mother, the Corps is Father episode

[Image: tpath.png]

and an amazing number of field goal type sports (soccer, football, hockey) in the tv guide listings..............

                                          [Image: gameboard.jpg]

                                                                             Typing Typing Typing

Since the original posting the game has been modified (and modules etc updated) in 2 ways.

1) changed the combat rolls & effects table to use 1d6 (vs 3d6) but kept the same adjustments (max of +-4 adjustment)
[Image: combat.png]
2) introduced a forced game conclusion by emulating fatigue with limited total points for each player - you generate engram points by using up fatigue points (withdraw from your bank or track on paper) - 300 points is 75 turns' worth at 4 points per turn (and also happens to be 20 points shy of the cost to purchase one of every tile)

                                                                             Typing Typing Typing

I have been able to do a bit of playtesting and several things are worth pointing out:

 [Image: gameboard.jpg]

Each mind segment can only deploy a tile (place a tile from hand to board) of its own color or black.
Each mind segment can only deploy a tile onto a path it touches.

Each mind segment can only command a construct that displays its color or black or is on a path it touches.

A colored construct can only cross a line sideways to a new path if the line is black or matches its displayed color.
Black constructs can cross any line.
Pity the poor orange tiles, path bound unless they get help.

Tiles cannot move backwards, only sideways or a forward direction.
Tiles can only move forward diagonal between the two center paths.

Segments may issue commands in any sequence and in theory 4 commands could go to the same or split stack.
This really makes the automatic kills an important feature, especially suddenly springing out from hiding inside a stack.

Units are expelled one space sideways or back or diagonal back ignoring any colors to where the rolling player chooses.
Expel yourself wisely.

H0207   Tabletop Simulator is a lot slower to use (other player also noticed) than a print&play would be.  H0207  
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

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