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Fleet Admiral - Singularity (2 - 6 Players) [PnP][TTS]
Fleet Admiral - Singularity is a 3 dimensional space themed area control wargame / miniature battles hybrid with a simplified economy using simultaneous actions and written orders but with no tracking paperwork. Multiplayer winning factions can be used in 4-6 player games.

To eliminate paperwork:
Print & Play Uses stacked plastic souffle sauce cups.
Tabletop Simulator Uses two styles of nested bags instead.

Rules   22 pages

TTS difference (bags vs cups) supplement to rules   3 pages

links for PnP printouts and TTS workshop are located in those sections of this bbs - read the rules first

                                        [Image: FAS.png]

[Image: coverpage.png]

[Image: FASindex.png]

[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

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