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solving dns (server not found) type errors
Yesterday the domain (a free website host - I have one copy of The Singularity Trap at to test it on a free server) was giving me "server not found" errors.

It was an issue with the default DNS server used by Cox cable in Niceville, FL (oddly enough, their tech support was not blocked from and the several thousand subdomains on that free web hosting service), but DNS servers that convert domain names to IP addresses can be set to block differently for different users. Some premium DNS servers offer "safe sites only" or "non-adult only" as a feature.

I solved the problem by changing to "use a specific" vs "use default" for the DNS server IPs. I am now using the UncensoredDNS server (from the list below) myself.

By the way, your primary and secondary DNS server IPs do NOT need to be from the same source, but if you are using any block settings for phishing etc sites you would have to set the blocks for both of those sources.

So, if anyone else is having similar issues, a few links to browse for info:


Best set of online instructions to change your DNS settings that I found is at

These sites discuss some DNS servers.

This site has interesting reading on the subject.


If you're not sure, use the IPv4 DNS servers listed for a provider. These are the IP addresses that include periods. IPv6 IP addresses use colons.


Google Public DNS promises three core benefits: a faster browsing experience, improved security, and accurate results without redirects.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Google also offers IPv6 versions:

Primary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888
Secondary DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8844


OpenDNS claims 100% reliability and up-time and is used by 90 million users around the world. The offer two sets of free public DNS servers, one of which is just for parental controls with dozens of filtering options.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

IPv6 addresses are also available:

Primary DNS: 2620:119:35::35
Secondary DNS: 2620:119:53::53

The servers above are for OpenDNS Home, which you can make a user account for to set up custom settings. The company also offers DNS servers that block adult content, called OpenDNS FamilyShield: and A premium DNS offering is available, too, called OpenDNS Home VIP.


Cloudflare: &
Cloudflare public DNS server website

Cloudflare built to be the "fastest DNS service in the world" and will never log your IP address, never sell your data, and never use your data to target ads.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

They also have IPv6 public DNS servers:

Primary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1111
Secondary DNS: 2606:4700:4700::1001

There's a app for Android and iOS for quick setup on mobile devices.


Verisign: &

Verisign's public DNS services are centered around stability and security with 100% up-time, as well as privacy, citing that they "will not sell your public DNS data to third parties nor redirect your queries to serve you any ads."

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Verisign offers IPv6 public DNS servers as well:

Primary DNS: 2620:74:1b::1:1
Secondary DNS: 2620:74:1c::2:2.

There's a Check DNS Cache page on Verisign's website that you can use to check the current status of the public DNS, as well as an option to flush the public DNS cache.


Alternate DNS: &
Alternate DNS is a free public DNS service that blocks ads before they reach your network.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:


Other Free & Public DNS Servers (list)

Provider      Primary DNS  &  Secondary DNS

CenturyLink (Level3) &
Quad9 &
Comodo Secure DNS &
GreenTeamDNS &
SafeDNS &
OpenNIC &
SmartViper &
Dyn &
FreeDNS &
Yandex.DNS &
UncensoredDNS &
Hurricane Electric
Neustar &
Fourth Estate
CleanBrowsing &
Tenta &

DNS servers are referred to as all sorts of names, like DNS server addresses, internet DNS servers, internet servers, DNS IP addresses, etc.
Verizon DNS Servers & Other ISP Specific DNS Servers

Verizon DNS servers are often listed elsewhere as,,,, and/or, but those are actually alternatives to the CenturyLink/Level 3 DNS server addresses shown in the table above.

Verizon, like most ISPs, prefers to balance their DNS server traffic via local, automatic assignments. For example, the primary Verizon DNS server in Atlanta, GA, is and in Chicago, is
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