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The Singularity Trap (2-6 players) [web][LAN][localhost]
 M0457   Have game, need players.   M0457

(computer generated boardgame implemented for server/browser)
A 3 dimensional space themed simultaneous actions turn based wargame for 2 - 6 Players
Online loaner and open play copies are available for when I am not able to play myself.

Territorial / Combat Game
with changeable alliances and variable resources
Turn Based (vs realtime based) using commands then actions method
Limited Sensor Info - locations etc must be detected
Balanced Playing Field - 6 way symmetry in 3 dimensions
[Image: clear.gif]Simultaneous Movement, Combat, etc - all actions happen simultaneously once all player orders are entered
Multi-factor combat system - Weapons, Fire Rate, Damage, Armor

Maintenance and Construction
Collect Points, Scrap or Maintain,

Repair, Conceal, Build

Combat (cycles till all resolved)
EcoPolitical (Terraform, Alliances)

Contact me to arrange a game or borrow a loaner copy long term.

The open play copy is always available.
Loaner copy Ten currently uses Mod password of dex 

 Magnifying-glass-smiley-emoticon-emoji The Singularity Trap game is not recommended for cellphones or any tablets under 10 inches  Magnifying-glass-smiley-emoticon-emoji

ShrugSilk & Aurora browsers do not display all HTML character codes and are not recommended. Shrug

[Image: game.jpg]

                             Planet locations and beginning colors.
[Image: planets-and-levels.jpg] [Image: newgameboard.jpg]

Map Tokens
[Image: hextokens.jpg] [Image: hextokensbig.jpg] [Image: hextokensbigger.jpg]
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]
The short version of the rules as a pdf file:  P0282          P0282          P0282          P0282          P0282

The PHP script files (to use as localhost or on your own web server) are available by request.
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

P0710       Game Update    Funny-dancing-stickman-smiley-emoticon

Have added a star graphic (star marks the spot) to appear when a ship is selected to be moved.

Makes it easier to plot your move orders.

Here the #2 Scout is going to use slipstream to move to the center planet.

[Image: redmovestar.jpg]
[Image: gxnptani50x10.gif]

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