A 2 Player Strategy Game of Alchemical Elemental Geometries

Currently available in Print-and-Play / PDF format and for Vassal

Vassal Module

Alchelemental.vmod (module)

Vassal Saved Games : Initial Setup for Duels and Battles
Duel_8x8.vsav (8x8 Duel Board)

Battle_16x16.vsav (16x16 Battle Board)

Duelling Pit


Print and Play PDF files
alchelemental_rules.pdf (Rules) 5 pages
Optional: alchelemental_syllabus.pdf (Themed Unit List Syllabus Initia Elemental) 7 pages
alchelemental_printout.pdf (Units and Board Sections) 18 pages
Elemental Circle = 1 page
Dark Units page = 1 page
Light Units page = 1 page
Duel Board sections = 4 pages
Battle Board sections = 9 pages
Duel Board entire = 1 page
Battle Board entire = 1 page
PnP minimal stand-alone pdf : alchelemental-quick.pdf 9 pages
But the boards are single page only.