Mini-Multiplayer on your own server!

The Singularity Trap is a boardgame for 2-6 players that uses a computer instead of a physical board and pieces.
Because most of the pieces are hidden from other players and the paperwork for ships' status would be excessive.

It is a space-themed game using a distillation of concepts from miniature battles and hexmap wargames and a wee bit from Diplomacy
on a gameboard that is a hexagon 19 hexes across the center and 19 levels deep.

It uses the written orders then simultaneous actions model and is turn based not timed.

It is best played live with multiple devices using online or LAN/PAN/IP server.
The player-to-player chat/message function allows online play at different locations without requiring an external chat.

As pass-and-play on a single computer it gets tedious with more than 2 players.
As PBEM it requires extreme patience from non-combatant players during combat rounds.
Live play with multiple devices is ideal.

A PHP/MySQL/Javascript server/browser game.
Players need a web browser and a 1280x720 or better display.

Easy set up on almost any web server.
Windows thumb drive setup is unzip and run (first one to visit Mod page gets to create the Mod password).

Windows users get it bundled with UwAmp to run off a thumb drive for localhost/LAN server function.
Linux etc. users need to have Apache or a similar web server on their system for localhost/LAN use. See Xampp

One copy of the game can have more than one active war at the same time but not intended for more than 10.

Generic Web Server installation of The Singularity Trap game: Unzip and copy the "the-singularity-trap" folder (which contains a docs folder and a games folder) to your server. (or upload the zip file if that is supported by the host) Create a database and modify the dbinfo.php file settings to match as needed. Use any text editor if you need to modify dbinfo.php $servername = "localhost"; - your web host will give you the server - possibly something like "" $username = "username"; - your web host will give you your database id or username - maybe something like "dbo61448377" $password = "password"; - your web host will give you your database password - these vary all over the place $dbname = "mydatabasename"; - your web host will give you the name of your database - maybe something like "db61448377" Upload the modified file to the-singularity-trap folder and browse to the index.html page in that folder on the internet. On the Sysop page click the makegametables.php link. This also renames that file to prevent further use. Return to index page, click Mod link, and create your Mod password. Installation is now complete. Create a war.
Installation - to run UwAmp (Apache/MySQL/PHP) and The Singularity Trap game off a thumb drive with Windows. Unzip the files onto a thumb drive. Open the UwAmp.exe file (in the main UwAmp folder on the thumb drive). Windows 7 and Windows 10 like to pop up 2 permission boxes for you to click at this point. Be sure Apache and MySQL both show as running. WINDOWS 10 USERS - Use Task Manager to stop the W3SVC service. (If needed select more details to see the tab for services - this must be done every time the computer reboots for Apache to run on Windows 10) Click the "www Site" button. Visit the Mod page to set a Mod password. Installation is now complete. Create a war. The UwAmp program console can set Apache as localhost only (offline) or as online for LAN server use.
Packaging Options - 3 zips are available:
① Just the-singularity-trap folder as a zip.
Only the actual game folder and files.
② The "bounce" index.php file plus the folder.
index.php redirects into the folder
Suited for web hosts that offer a zip upload if you do not need UwAmp from me. 1983 Kb

③ Bundled with UwAmp and database and initial game tables created - just unzip to a thumb drive, run UwAmp, and set the Mod password.
This zip also includes both of the other zips and the possibly needed Microsoft Visual C runtimes for UwAmp. 117,203 Kb