The Singularity Trap

3 Dimensional Space Wargame
(computer generated boardgame)
2 - 6 Players    version 1.0
Prototype / Basic Edition

PHP/MySQL/Javascript - for
Localhost, LAN, & Web servers
(including free hosts & servers)

Designed for Firefox browser,
Edge and Explorer also tested.

Playtest Stage - not for sale


Territorial / Combat Game
with changeable alliances
and variable resources

Turn Based (vs realtime based)
using commands then actions method

Limited Sensor Info
locations etc must be detected

Balanced Playing Field
6 way symmetry in 3 dimensions

Simultaneous Movement, Combat, etc
all actions happen simultaneously
once all player orders are entered

Multi-factor combat system
Weapons, Fire Rate, Damage, Armor

digital game msrp      $1.99
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