Lobby Annex - my other cardboard game designs
All of my games (including the two main Singularity Microcosm games) are seeking a
design partner to carry them to fully playtested version ready to present to game publishers.

2 player abstract strategy game of Alchemical Elemental Geometries
First place,    Heavy Games category,    2017 Board Game Geek 2 Player Print and Play Contest
PnP info and links (including Tabletop Simulator) Module at vassalengine.org

Mind Game - a 2 player duel with thought constructs 08 June 2018 Rev: 080008062018
Rules & PnPVassal ModuleTabletop Simulator(the PsiCorp training exercise)

Sky Pirates and the Quest for Helium is ready for playtesting
a casual, 2-6 player, take that pick-up-and-deliver game
last revised (wording for clarity about dune hexes) 05Jan2018

Rules PnP pages Tabletop Simulator

----- lesser games -----

Arrowheads - a dominoes inspired game for 2-5 players (untested)
prototype rules revised for clarity (sets used per player count) 13 April 2018
Rules & PnP basic Vassal module

Corrupt Trumps - a trick taking game for 3-5 players using standard playing cards
Rules (text file)      Tabletop Simulator     Spades/Bridge/Hearts/Euchre genre 03 May 2018

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