2 player strategy game of Alchemical Elemental Geometries
First place,    Heavy Games category,    2017 Board Game Geek 2 Player Print and Play Contest
PnP info and links (including Tabletop Simulator) Module at

Sky Pirates and the Quest for Helium is ready for playtesting
a lighter, 2-6 player, take that pick-up-and-deliver game
last revised (wording for clarity about dune hexes) 05Jan2018

Rules PnP pages Tabletop Simulator

Arrowheads - a dominoes inspired game
prototype rules revised for clarity (sets used per player count) 13 April 2018
Rules & PnP basic Vassal module

Corrupt Trumps - a bidding trick taking game using standard playing cards 03 May 2018
Rules (text file)      Tabletop Simulator     Spades/Bridge/Hearts/Euchre genre for 3-5 players

Mind Game - a 2 player duel with thought constructs 08 June 2018 Rev: 080008062018
Rules & PnPVassal ModuleTabletop Simulator(the PsiCorp training exercise) has many indie games for solo Hearts and other card games has many games including multiplayer is great for beginning gamers for online Diplomacy has assorted games also has a wide assortment for real human hexmap wargames

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