Currently in pre-release concept playtest stage. Not for sale.

To Get A Copy Email me.
Always free to schools and non-profits. Playtest copies (for your own server) and loaner use are free.
The use license covers playtest copies the same as "purchased" copies.

Packaging Options:
① Just the-singularity-trap folder as a zip.
Only the actual game folder and files.
② The "bounce" index.php file plus the folder.
index.php redirects into the folder
Suited for web hosts that offer a zip upload if you do not need the UwAmp bundle. (1983 Kb - can be emailed)

You can get UwAmp here

If you need the full UwAmp bundle I would have to give you a download link since is a 117,203 Kb zip file.

③ Bundled with UwAmp and database and initial game tables created - just unzip to a thumb drive, run UwAmp, and set the Mod password.
This zip includes both of the other zips plus the possibly needed Microsoft Visual C runtimes for UwAmp.

All of my games are seeking design partners/agents for playtesting and further development.

For your own use only - still covered by the use license - feel free to tweak as desired.

Copyright (c) 2016, Wayne Mathias
All rights reserved.

The Singularity Trap comes with a license for non-commercial use,
with 2 active copies at a time per purchase of the game.
One active copy is licensed to use as localhost or LAN server or on a Web server,
while the second active copy is limited to localhost or LAN server use.

For purposes of this license, commercial use is requiring a fee solely to play this particular game. 

The license allows use in an internet cafe LAN or a club website etc.
You CAN charge a fee or membership to access a service or website (or convention hall space for that matter)
where this game can be played provided that playing this particular game is not the sole purpose of that fee.

A fee based tournament playing this game is allowed. The fee there is for the tournament, not the playing.

A fee to "play games" where this game is one of several games available after paying that fee is allowed.

You cannot charge your friends to come over and play -- but you can make them pay for the pizza!