Quantum gate technology - which prevents electronics from functioning in a large area - divided society into two distinct technological geographies.
Spacer/Gatekeeper zones lacked electronics and were located a safe distance away from the Electric zones.
Hydrogen burning steam engine transports carried cargo and people between planetary zones.
Our Spacer ancestors arrived here with no electronic equipment and all gate connections suddenly severed.

The old histories say, if we can trust those legends, that we left the galaxy and came to this place 5100 standard years after the diaspora from homeworld.
The recent histories say we have been here for 300 years, if years are the same here, since the warped space sucked us in.
The years being the same is in question since this place uses seven different dimensions as the t2 second time dimension.
From the old histories:
   The Eras of Galactic Expansion:
The Slowship Era:  aka Pushing the Speed of Light
The Warpship Eras: Slowship Overtake - Warp Drive Discovered
                   The Diaspora
                   First Interstellar War - Homeworld Lost
                   First Reunification
                   Second Interstellar War - Slipstream Discovered
                   Second Expansion - Quantum Linkage Manipulation Discovered
The Reboot Era:    During this era the Electromagnetic Tech was distance isolated
                   from the disruptive Quantum Tech effects. A Stargate large enough
                   for railroad service would disrupt electronics for 500 klicks around.
                   Hyperspace Jump Discovered - first probe swarm initiated.
The Jumpship Eras: Third Expansion - second probe swarm initiated.
                   Fourth Expansion - jump prediction in outer galactic arms developed
                   Third Interstellar War - blackhole jump interaction theory developed
                   Fifth Expansion - jumps predictable except 1000 light years at galactic center
                   Second Reunification
The Modern Era:    With most of the outer and mid galaxy claimed jump/slip ships are doing the
                   slow work of establishing gates in the central galaxy and launching probes.
                   Early indications are that the Massive Black Hole at galactic center throws the
                   hyperspace jump points to other galaxies. Initial 2-way jump points have been
                   mapped with 5 other galaxies. One sector, orbiting the North polar stream from the MBH,
                   has no returning probes despite a century of launches.
                   Hardy explorers and pioneers have bravely taken jumpships into this sector,
                   but none have returned. Many believe we should concentrate on the other galaxies instead.
In three hundred years we have reached a sustainable population and recreated most of the Ancestor technology.
The nanotech that manufactured babbage engines to operate in proximity to a gate still eludes us.
We have surpassed the Ancestors in gate technology, with one-way gates, the ability to retune a gate,
and finally the ability to alter a planetary node's t2 setting and quantum signature.

One-way gates have enabled us to tap into the atmosphere of gas giants for propulsion and power and funnel the exhaust back to the origin.
One-way gates make a ship an extension of a planet, with couriers and supplies moving easily between base and ship.
However, we rely on a staff to update the fleet location maps and a stack of paperwork for details,
and the ships use speaking tubes for inship communication and abacus and sliderule for calculations.

Our escape awaits us. Only the Others stand in our way.

The Singularity is a closed warped space, with actual mapping revealing a cylendrical nature by spatial coordinates yet warped into a spherical shape when vectors from center are figured, while at the same time the expected surface of the sphere is also that same distance from the center.

It is believed that our section equates to the spatial disturbence orbiting the north pole of our home galactic central black hole. Use of hyperspace jump in that moving area brought us to this space, which many have dubbed the Trap. The Trap appears to comprise its own universe but draws from 6 universes.

Recent research indicates that converting all planetary nodes to a single quantum state instead of the current 7 states will open 2-way transport with that home universe.

Level 9

Level -9

This information has been distributed to all groups within the Singularity, which is now known to be a Forerunner artifact.

With cooperation we should all be able to exit this space one group at a time, but since each quantum state is more advantageous to a different group we fear conflict may be unavoidable.

If war breaks out our ultimate goal must be to occupy and terraform all planetary nodes to our own quantum signature so we can return home.

War has been declared. Factions within each group are determined to gain control of the Singularity.