Game Updates

Under Consideration

Players not involved in any combats do not get map updates until all other combats are completed. Does it matter?

Should combats that no longer (or never) have meaningful choices be automated?

Update history from most recent, working backwards.

Changed from rand() to mt_rand() for die rolls and damage allocation.

Added the star graphic - appears at the 2D map coordinates of selected ships during the move phase.

Replaced left-click/right click to set vectors with directional arrows in the move phase.

Rules rewritten for clarity as theme, overview, condensed version, and long version.

UwAmp bundle added for Windows PC use as localhost/LAN server. Others can use Xampp as a local server.

Forced extra page load to defeat browser image cache when map updates and images are updated.

Rewrote SQL queries to work on low-end or free web hosts.

Initial prototype with phase steps functioning properly for asynchronous play.